Juggling workshop

Juggling workshop

בקצרה על החוויה: A funny, fun and educational juggling workshop with audience participation
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איך זה עובד?

Several options for workshops: 1. An introductory workshop to the world of juggling: a display of purpose in collaboration with the children, the presentation of the tools in an entertaining way, free experimentation with the tools and an experiential summary circle. 2. A shorter purpose display, in collaboration with the children, from what we learned last time, experimenting with tools in groups with tasks for each tool. A summary which is actually a show in a circle with everyone’s music and what they improved – in pairs or singles 3. Group juggling – group juggling tasks, making balls together, individual and paired tasks with balls and then moving freely between stations The workshops continue – I do a finale that includes a short show made up of things they learned Comes with a variety of tools – A flower stick – Poise -Slackline (rope walking) – Rolla bola (for balance) – Bullets – Dafostar – Chinese plates – Frisbee – Ribbon sticks – Hoops – Staff – Diabolo – Balance sticks

מה מקבלים?

In the craft workshops, you leave with a tool you made yourself!

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